Saturday, August 27, 2011

Counter-Strike: Source Beta

Well guys as you may have heard there is a new Counter Strike coming out soon.  And so as a marketing strategy the free open Beta named "Counter-Strike: Source Beta" gets a new update, and the update makes the game TOTALLY LAGGY AND SH***Y.

So of course they expect players of the open Beta to buy the new CS:GO because the Beta was actually worth playing.

Honestly I hate Valve and I think their business tactics are almost criminal, but that doesn't mean I won't still play CS:SB and eventually CS:GO.

It appears they have released another patch that fixes it.


  1. what are the hardware requirements for this game. Will my laptop, a vaio e, core i3, 4gb ram, ATI 5650 be able to handle it?

  2. That name is kinda misleading, seeing as there already is a game called Counter-Strike: Source.

  3. Used to play a lot of CS back in the day. Eventually got bored of it.

  4. I haven't played CS of any sort, but I rather like valve, got a good impression from Half life and Both portals.

  5. @Linux and Life,

    Yes your system will handle it easily, but you would have to download Steam on your laptop (eww).

    But once you get past the initial butthurt from Valve's crappy software it isn't too bad.

  6. Maaaaan. I remember playing the first CS AGES ago. I was never very good at it, and probably today I'm even less good at it, but it was just so *fun* to kill eachother.

    First person shooters aren't my forte, but they're great for multiplayer.

    Hey, could you check my art blog? I'm looking for critics, advices and ideas. No experience required, heh.

  7. @Dalf,

    Sure thing.
    But I'm f***ing leet sauce at counter-strike ;)

  8. "If I told you I need a portrait of Ron Paul that emphasizes his commitment to Liberty and I would pay you $25.00 would you do it granted the requirements and time are flexible?"

    Sure! I would in a heartbeat.
    (Sorry to answer this here, I just wanted you to know I'm on)

  9. Weell now's not the right time financially, but I do intend to consider hiring someone closer to election time. I'll keep you in mind :D

  10. I can't wait for this game, hopefully HL EP 3 or HL3 is right behind the corner

  11. Hey guys add me on steam,
    Steamid: karma_iroq

  12. I've always considered getting Counter-Strike games, but I've heard negative things (when compared to other games) about it from friends.

  13. @rooble,

    The game is crappy, the whole reason I play it is for the voice chat. It's like a voice chatroom with an activity going on in the background, in which no noob shall be spared his due ridicule.

  14. Almost want to get back into CS, then I think back on memories.. nothing but frustration.

  15. I've never played cs, perhaps I should give it a shot

  16. I played CS for three days
    Installed it on friday
    Gamed the whole weekend, day and night.
    Got bored
    never played it again.

  17. I'm playing CS 2D now lol, but gonna give this a try too. Post more!