Monday, May 16, 2011

Americas Army 2

For those of you who are unaware of the video games made by the United States Army (as a recruitment tactic), I'm going to introduce America's Army !

America's Army 2 (AA2) and AA3 are multiplayer-enabled games with emphasis on players completing "training" missions to enable them to more effectively compete in tactical multiplayer frag-a-thons.

All versions are free, so give them a look:


  1. Nice start for a blog! But please write more about clouds! Like me!

  2. It is a fabulous strategy game providing intense squad-based action.

  3. @wellpickedbooger,

    of course it is!

  4. AA2 was SOOOOO much better than AA3. AA3 came out and me and my clan did not play it at all. It was awful compared to AA2. Then I just stopped playing AA2, unfortunately.